Feeling gullible at El Comal

Even if it’s not the best michelada in San Diego, it’s pretty darn close

Before I get going on some bi-monthly rant, regular readers of this column should know that I am a highly gullible human being.

If I had been alive back during that whole Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds radio fiasco, it’s likely someone would have found my ass curled up under the stairs in a basement with a couple of cans of beans and a shotgun.

Why do I mention this? The answer is simple: When it comes down to it, I tend to believe whatever people tell me without question.

For example, when I first moved here people kept telling me that Phil’s BBQ was the best barbecue that they had ever had. Having lived in Georgia for a few years, I should have questioned this comment immediately, but I am a gullible fool. So, I pulled up to Phil’s, noticed the lack of smoke in the parking lot, and still went in. Guess what, Phil’s BBQ did not end up being the best barbecue I’d ever had.

Ever since I started writing this column, people have continuously felt the need to tell me their favorite cocktails in the city. Some sort of, Hey you should go to blah blah blah, because they have the best such and such. But, since I finally starting coming to terms with exactly how gullible I am (in my thirties, I’m a slow learner as well), I have become weary.

Someone very dear to me, and whom I trust without question, has always told me that El Comal (3946 Illinois St.) has the best michelada in town. For any analytical person, this statement would instantly send up warning flags. How can anyone say that? After all, the michelada varies in so many ways, and is reflective of millions of different people’s preferences.

Some people swear by just lime, salt and cerveza, while others go with lime and Worcestershire sauce (Salsa Inglesa, to be exact) only. Even as far as the tomato-based micheladas go, some people gravitate toward Clamato, whereas others are repulsed by it.

But, being the gullible sap that I am, I went to El Comal for the “best” michelada in San Diego. Well, I gotta say, it was pretty fucking good. I wrote an article a few months back about how I hate bloody marys, and this aversion generally transfers over to my michelada preferences. I am much more inclined to order the Worcestershire sauce, minimal lime and salt-only variety of michelada, but the version at El Comal is Clamato-based. Still, it was surprisingly refreshing and for whatever reason, it did not throw off as much acid as I would have thought considering not only the tomato juice but the lime juice as well. It was spicy and cooling at the same time, which is half of the point of a michelada for most people.

Is it the best michelada in San Diego? I’m not truly certain, but I am gullible enough to believe it.


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